Electrical Design

The introduction of a new model in an existing range or a totally new model range takes many man hours from initial concept to final product launch. With the increasing use of electrical services on modern vehicles it is important to utilize those man hours as efficiently as possible.

Drawing on 30 years practical experience in Electrical Schematic and Wiring Harness design, and VeSys, the latest electrical design and simulation software, Newtown Design Services can assist whether your project is a high volume OEM product or a low volume specialist product. The software will help turn the initial design concept into a schematic diagram which provides a full simulation of the electrical system. "What-if" and component failure scenarios can be created and saved for future reference.

Once the schematic design is completed the next stage is to produce a wiring harness. VeSys Harness is the preferred wiring harness design package for many OEM and wiring harness manufacturers. Used in conjunction with VeSys Design, VeSys Harness creates the physical shape of the harness and will generate Bills of Materials, cutting lists, harness test equipment data and costings at the press of a button.

Already got the harness drawings? VeSys can be utilised to reverse engineer a set of harness drawings and create the electrical schematic diagram. Once the Schematic has been 'recovered', VeSys Design can be used to update and simulate the electrical system at any time.