Family Tree Drawing

With the increased interest in researching family trees thanks to programmes such as the BBC's "Who Do You Think Tou Are" and "My Family At War", websites such as Genes Reunited and Ancestory.Com and the accessability of Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes on the internet, Newtown Design Services can offer a Family Tree Drawing Service to turn the fruits of your many years of researching into a work of art.

Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software we can take your researched data in whatever format i.e. software files from Family Historian, Brother's Keeper, Microsoft Excel etc. or hand written notes and draw it out on one large sheet of paper, maximum size 3ft 6in wide by 165ft long. Most of the dedicated Genealogy software programmes have difficulty recognising paper larger than A4 and will print out the resulting tree across many sheets of A4 sized paper that have to be taped together.

Pictures and Family Crests can be incorporated to a Family Tree without any problems. Most electronic image formats can be imported into a drawing i.e. .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .img etc. We can also scan your originals if they do not exist in electronic format.

As Family History Research is always an ongoing project we can update or reprint your Family Tree at any time. Once we have drawn and printed your Family Tree the files are safely archived for storage.

Alternative formats? Not a problem. If you are writing a family history book we can size and print your family tree as a 'fold-out' page ready for binding into the book. If you have got a family history website we can also output a web friendly version of your family tree, normally a .pdf file, for inclusion in your family history website. To view a selection of family trees, go to the Aldis-Day website.

We attend various History Society Family History Days during the year. View the Diary Page to see which events we are attending. These family history days are organised by Local Family History Societies to showcase the society's work and help fellow researchers.

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