Family Tree Drawing Questions

Q "I have not got my research data on computer, my research is on lots of individual notes and sketches. Can you work with these?"

A "Yes. We can work with most formats, hand-written notes, rough sketches, any of the Family History programs, Gedcom files, Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works, etc. If you only have the originals as 'hard copies', make good quality copies and send us the copies"


Q "I have got 800 people on my tree, can you draw it out?

A "Certainly. With a large number of people in a family tree, there are possibly a small number of surnames in the research. It quite often makes it neat and tidy to split the tree into these surnames across a number of surname sheets. We will then put "From" and "To" Links on these sheets."


Q " I have got some family photographs I would like added to the Family Tree, can these be added?

A "Yes. If they are available electronically as a JPEG file that will import directly. Prints, negatives or transparencies, send them to us by Recorded Delivery, we will scan them in and return the originals by Recorded Delivery.


Q "I am still doing my research, Can you update my tree?"

A "Yes. At any time. All you need to do is send us the new information and we will up date and re-print your tree"


Q "I am writing a history book of my family. Can you draw the tree so I can have it bound into the book?"

A "Not a problem. Just tell us the type of binding and page size you will be using and we will make the appropriate allowances on the drawing."


Q "I have got a family history website. Can you create a version of my tree I can use on my website?"

A "Yes. As well as creating a paper drawing for the family tree we can create a .pdf version of the tree. Most website software will quite happily handle .pdf files either as a page or as a downloadable file. If you update your tree at any time we will create an updated .pdf file for the website."


Q "I am not sure how best to display my family tree?"

A "Send us your information and we will draught out some ideas."